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Income Tax for Companies  

Profit tax
If 75% of the company’s turnover is generated in Monaco, it will be exempt from the profit tax. In other cases, the current tax is 33.3%.

Administrative offices
Administrative offices are taxable on their operating expenses, with an 8% base. If you apply the rate of 33.3%, the effective rate is 2.6%.

Exceptionals items
If a company is engaged to reinvest within a period of three years, the amount of added value plus the cost of the assets sold, the added value is exempt of taxation.

Deductible charges
A company can deduct the fees and royalties charged between a Monegasque company and a linked company if it corresponds to an effective work and not only the transfer of benefits. However, certain deductions are allowable against a company’s taxable profits, particularly on remuneration paid to directors or executives effectively working in the company.

Tax credits
Tax credits are allowed for startup support. In the first two years companies are exempted from taxation. The third year, the base corresponds to 25% of the taxable income, the fourth year 50%, the fifth 75%, and the sixth 100%. Tax credits for R&D are available to companies specialised in research activity.

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