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Setting up Business in the Principality of Monaco  

Setting Up Business in the Principality of Monaco

General Information

Setting up of a company and conducting any independent professional business activity is
subject to prior authorisation by the Prince’s Government.

This authorisation is based on Law n1144 of 26th July 1991 when the activity is not covered by a special regulation.

Upon applying this law, “the granting of this authorisation defines the limits of the activities to be carried out, the premises on which they are to take place and mentions the conditions in which they are authorised during a fixed period. It is personal and non-transferable and any modification in the activities carried out or any change of holder of the initial authorisation or any change of
premises must receive prior approval by a new authorisation…”.

Administrative authorisation may lose effect or be suspended for failure to respect the prescriptions ordered by the aforementioned Law n1144
(the absence of premises or real activity not in accordance with authorisation…).

Apart from the traditional activities subject to special regulations, such as banking and loan institutions, insurance companies, activities carried out by ministers or controlled by professional bodies (notaries, lawyers, architects, chartered accountants), the medical and pharmaceutical professions, the pharmaceutical industry, the
following activities are subject, notably, to ad hoc regulations:

Transport (goods transportation by road and public transport, commercial sea transport, taxis, renting cars with private chauffeurs…).

Manufacturing, packaging and marketing of cosmetic products.

Manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages.

Portfolio management, stock broker activities and advice.

Sale of weapons.

Estate agents - individual sales and managing agents for residences.

Manufacturing and sale of precious metal objects.

The film industry (creating, producing and filming).

Private businesses protecting people and belongings.

Setting up Business in the Principality of Monaco
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